Author Guideline

Instruction to Author

Article Submission Process:
  1. Articles may be submited by online article submition system or by e-mail to
  2. After review the decision of acceptance or acceptance with correction or rejection will be communicate to corresponding author.
  3. Review process may takes 20 to 30 days

Author Guideline

1.       The title of the article should be bold, centered and typed in capital letters in 12 point Times New Roman Font.

2.       The author(s) details i.e., full name, designation, name of the organization, city, Pin, state, country, e-mail id, alternate e-mail id, contact details i.e. mobile/landline phone numbers, in 12-point Times New Roman should be centered below the title.

3.       Article must be accompanied by a brief abstract including 3 to 5 key words must not exceed 200 – 300 words. It should be in fully justified text. It should highlight research background, methodology; major finding(s) and conclusion in brief if research article. If general article, abstract should highlight the brief about content.

4.       Articles must be no longer than

15 – 20 pages (all inclusive) if Review Article

08 – 10 pages (all inclusive) if Research Article

05 – 08 Pages (all inclusive) if General Article

02 – 05 Pages (all inclusive) if Short Communication, Upgraded Cultivation Technology, New Technology etc.

5. It should be single spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point. It must be clearly written without any spelling or grammatical errors.

6.       All tables and figures should be incorporated into the body of the paper.

7.       The authors should list all references alphabetically at end of the paper.


1. It must be single spaced, and at the end of the manuscript.

2.       References when used in the text enclose the citation in brackets, using author’s surname, followed by comma and the year of publication, and arranged chronologically (Boyd, 1992; Kotler, 2000).

3.       In case authors name is part of the text, only quote the year of publication in brackets. Wong (1995) reported that…Kotler et al. (2007) found that…..

4.       References for journals, proceedings of conferences, books, website, and dissertation should follow the format as given below:

Hogenhout, S.A., EI-Desnoky Ammar, Anna E. Whit field and Margaret G. Rodinbaugh, 2008. Insect vector interactions with persistently transmitted viruses. Annual Review of Phytopathology 46:327-359.

James, C.K., and K.Perry, 2004. Transmission of Plant Viruses by aphid vectors. Molecular Plant Pathology 5(5): 505-511.      

5.       The authors are advised to mention only those references actually used in their manuscript.

(Processing fees: Rs. 800/- (Eight Hundred only) for each accepted article),

Revised with effect from April, 2023

Plantica Group of Researchers (PGR), India

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