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An ideal platform for both the established as well as budding authors for getting their books  published at an earlier date. We believe in providing high quality books at reasonable prices. Our Motto is to promote Authors globally and we invite authors to join hands with us……..

Book Self

Author Guideline

Format and Style


All Book/Monograph must be typed in A4 size (font size 12) in 1.5 space with at least one inch margin on all sides. Authors should submit single word file that contains the following the entire book with cover page,
references, annexure etc.

Cover Page:

Book/Monograph should have a cover page providing the

1. Title of the Book

2. Author name(s) & Designation(s)

4. Phone number(s)

5. E-mail address(es).

Brief Profile of the Author(s):

Please provide profile of the author(s) in a separate word file of around 10 to 15 lines along with
recent passport size photograph(s)


References when used in the text enclose the citation in brackets, using author’s surname, followed by comma and the year of publication, and arranged chronologically (Boyd, 1992; Kotler, 2000). In case authors name is part of the text, only quote the year of publication in brackets. Wong (1995) reported that…Kotler et al. (2007) found that…..

References for journals, proceedings of conferences, books, website, and dissertation should follow the format as given below:

Hogenhout, S.A., EI-Desnoky Ammar, Anna E. Whit field and Margaret G. Rodinbaugh, 2008. Insect vector interactions with persistently transmitted viruses. Annual Review of Phytopathology 46:327-359.

James, C.K., and K.Perry, 2004. Transmission of Plant Viruses by aphid vectors. Molecular Plant Pathology 5(5): 505-511.      

The authors are advised to mention only those references actually used in their manuscript.

Figures & Tables:

Each figure/table should be numbered, titled. The position of figure or table should be indicated in the text on a separate line.


We publish books in English Language only.

Publication Fee

SFP charges humble amount of Rs.8500/- (Eight Thousand Five Hundred Only) for 150 designed pages, for additional pages Rs.99/- shall be charged for every additional page designed.


ISBN number

Cover page design, layout work, Design of book

03 Complementary Books

Distribution through online Channel

Royalty to Authors

The published books are put on sale with the online stores like and the authors/writers are entitle to receive 10% of the royalty amount on sale of every book.

How to Submit Books for Publication

To publish your work as book E-mail us your writeup on

Plantica Group of Researchers (PGR), India

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