Indian Academy of Women in Agriculture and Allied Sciences

Vision and Mission

IAWA has been created with a vision to provide scientific and technical knowledge for women of rural and urban area. Our aim is to empower and support women through various socio economic activities based on knowledge building and Knowledge dissemination  to bring much need change for  participation of women in decision making and revenue generation which could consolidate the social position of women in the society .

IAWA is a group of progressive women which conduct and coordinate various activities such as research, action research, case documentation, trainings, capacity building, hand-holding and accompaniment support, study programs (exposure visits), etc. for women.

Mandate and Objectives:

Expanding employment opportunities for women is one of the greatest challenges for holistic development of the society. Though a large number of women in India are involved in agriculture and land-based activities, they have a limited exposure to modern skill training and technologies. We are working for making women self reliant by providing various vocational courses. We provide them training for modern farming techniques, food processing, traditional art and handicrafts through our Skill Development and Livelihood Generation Program.

We also motivate and provide required skill to the women to establish their career outside the traditional job pool which in term will overcome the problem of occupational segregation and also increase efficiency and income in the existing jobs.

          We works closely with government agencies, NGOs and other like-minded development organizations that focus on promotion of women empowerment. We also organize various conferences and workshops that positively influence the approaches and strategies for women empowerment.

Dr. Pooja Kaintura, President-IAWAA

Plantica Group of Researchers (PGR), India

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